A downloadable game for Windows


Ghost Club is a game about searching for your significant other... In the afterlife!!! It is also very unfinished. While you can navigate around the board, powering up your cuteness and hitting on hot ghost boyfriends, there is no end condition ...yet. If you run into any bugs, please let me know!

Other half-finished planned features: 

  • Multiplayer
  • Stealing other player's ghosts
  • More ghostly dialog
  • Special abilities from rolling doubles
  • Character select and more character options
  • SECRET Ghosts
  • Tactical view finder
  • More game boards
  • Minigames?
  • Pillow fights?
  • An end condition!!


  • Arrow Keys: Navigate
  • Spacebar: Confirm
  • F4 Change resolution



Jam release build 9 MB


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the art is so wonderful and I can see where you  were going with this but I really felt held back by seeing all the other characters play for most of the time. I also think you matched the cart art perfectly