A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Prototype for a mobile collectathon-type game. All art is placeholder.

Go to different prize claw machines and pick your favorite Imouto. Shower them with Castlevania equipment gifts to level them up, then gather their energy to keep on collecting, rinse, repeat.

Prototype for windows and android.

  • W,D or on-screen arrow buttons - move
  • Space or on screen "Grab" button - deploy claw

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Install instructions

Put the APK on an andoid device and then run it to play


RollCatcher.exe 3 MB
RollCatcher.apk 11 MB


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Quite similar to my entry for winterjam, maybe you can find some inspiration in there.

Overall the game works quite good, I would make the catcher thing arms less pointy, it kinda looks very menacing for a game which is about catching happy cute things imo.

Pretty fun Collectathon! Can't wait for more.